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Lombardy Region: Mep Gabriele Albertini officially candidate

Former Milan’s major announces the candidature to the presidency of the most important Italian region at the head of a moderate coalition. The centre-left opposition yet to establish the official candidate

An independent candidate wants to become the major of the important Italian region. On Friday 11/9, former Milan’s major and actual MEP Gabriele Albertini officially presented his candidature as Lombardy Region’s governor.

In an interview to the Tgcom Italian television, Albertini underlined he’s a representative of the civic society, and not just member of the PDL right wing party he belongs to since several years.

Former Milan’s major stated he will agglomerate all the Lombardian moderates in a project which aims to create the European Popular Parliament in the most important Italian Region.

Once elected, Albertini will act to create a macro-region with Piemonte and Veneto – the two other Northern Italian regions – and to foster Regional Administration’s control on sanitarian structures’ budgets, in order to avoid mafia’s influences.

A separate candidature is the Northern League one. The regionalist party, which used to support Roberto Formigoni’s Lombardian government in a right wing coalition with the PDL party, chose as its candidate the national secretary Roberto Maroni.

Last Monday, the Northern League National Committee decided to run alone, and no more in a coalition with the PDL party, despite of Albertini’s call to unify all Lombardian conservative political subjects.

On the other side of the barricade, the centre-left opposition designed as its candidate Umberto Ambrosoli: an advocate, supported by Milanese businessmen, in a good relationship with Milan’s major Giuliano Pisapia.

Ambrosoli stated he doesn’t want to take part in centre-left primary election, which has been already fixed for next 12/16 to design the official centre-left candidate by the popular vote.

Ambrosoli’s position has been endorsed by Democratic Party of Lombardy’s regional secretary Maurizio Martina. Anyway, other centre-left politicians don’t support the resignation from the primary election.

Well known left-wing doctor Alessandra Kunstermann announced her candidature to centre-left the primary election.

Moreover, the participation in the centre-left electoral consultation has been confirmed by Christian-democrat wing Democratic Party of Lombardy’s councillor Fabio Pizzul.

Just a Democratic Party of Lombardy regional committee meeting is going to decide the official name of the candidate to the Presidency, or the list of candidates to a primary election.


Matteo Cazzulani


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