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Italian Meps: Ukraine won’t sign any EU Association agreement due to Tymoshenko imprisonment

The Vicepresident of European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Fiorello Provera and EPP MEP Herbert Dorfman are concerned about the situation of Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. The selective justice is the reason of the impossibility for Kyiv to sign the EU Association Agreement

STRASBOURG – Ukraine is a non democratic country where selective justice against opposition’s members is systematically used by Ukrainian political authorities. For this reason, Ukraine is not ready to sign the EU Association Agreement on next EU Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius.

Fiorello Provera, European Parliament Foreing Affair Committee Vice-president, on Wednesday July 12, 2013 said Ukraine won’t sign any Association Agreement with the EU.

During a meeting with the Italian press in the European Parliament, Vicepresident Provera stated that the Foreign Committee agrees on that Ukraine is not ready to the economic partnership with the EU due to the imprisonment of Ukrainian opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to Vice-president Provera’s opinion, the Tymoshenko case is a sanitarian emergency in which the European Parliament aims to involve, in order to ensure the respect of the right of sanitarian assistance every man in the world has the right to receive.

Herbert Dorfman, a MEP of the European People’s Parliament who took part in the meeting with the Italian press organized in Strasbourg by EP office of Milan, expressed his Party’s deep concern about the situation of the leader of Ukrainian opposition Yulia Tymoshenko, a EPP member.

Dorfman said that Tymoshenko case is a HR emergency, in which the EU must engage, in order to ensure democracy and the respect of HR in a EU neighborod country.

Dorfman also stated that EPP MEPs believe that Ukranian system of justice is acting against mrs Tymoshenko in a selective way, in order to delete the leader of the opposition from the Ukrainian political arena.

“I remember when Yulia Tymoshenko took part in EPP meetings, and I was really impressed from her personality -MEP Dorfman declared to Welfare Network info portal- She is the demonstration of how Ukraine is able to reach the European standards of democracy and HR respect”.

Yulia Tymoshenko, who in 2004 led the Ukrainian democratic process known as Orange Revolution,  was condemned to 12 years of prison by several cases of selective justice after his rival in the orange revolution,  Viktor Yanukovych became the President of Ukraine.

Once jailed, Tymoshenko was isolated by the rest of the world and receptively beaten by Penal Colonies authorities.

According to her private doctors, Tymoshenko is seriously ill and needs a medical operation, in order to overcome her health problems.

Tymoshenko case led to the resignation by the EU from the sign of the Association Agreement with Ukraine due to the selective justice in Kyiv.

Tymoshenko imprisonment and treatment in jail was condemned by the USA, the EU, the UN, and the most important international independent ONGs engaged in the defense of democracy and HR in the world.

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