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USA to support EU energetic policy

US State Secretary Hillary Clinton sentenced Washington will support Brussels gas supplies diversification project from Gazprom Russian major quasi monopoly

EU energetic security is not only a Brussels priority, but also a US battle for a more secure western world.

According to Trend, US State Secretary Hillary Clinton underlined the Washington Administration will support European Commission’s energetic policy

As sentenced during a public lesson on energetic deals in Georgetown University on Thursday 10/18, Clinton underlined that energetic security is a question strictly lied with the political sovereignty.

US State Secretary also underlined the importance to guarantee all NATO members an effective gas supplies diversification.

“During several years Europe had to carry gas just from Russia, but now there is the possibility to cooperate with Azeri government. The USA strongly support the EU gas supplies diversification’s policy” told US State Secretary.

The European Commission is going to diversify European gas supplies carrying gas directly from Azerbaijan after the construction of the EU Southern Corridor.

The European Commission is also going to create a common gas market in all EU countries, in order to allow a free gas continental trade and decrease Gazprom Russian major’s hegemony.

Moreover, Brussels planed for next years a massive LNG import from Qatar, Norway and other countries. The USA can also become one of the LNG sellers to Europe.

US shale gas extraction will allow US concerns to sell liquefied gas to India, Japan, Australia and China. These countries already joined agreements with Washington.

In several occasion, the White House expressed the intention to sell American LNG also in Europe, in order to help the EU energetic security.

Matteo Cazzulani

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