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Snowden political asylum in Russia reopens a cold war with the USA

The NSA whistleblower obtained the political asylum by Russia for a year. Why Snowden can be considered an agent of Russia who endangered U.S. and EU position in world politics

One of former Italian PM Giulio Andreotti’s most known statements reports that ‘thinking bad about someone is sin, but sometimes it leads to keep the truth’. Thinking that Edward Snowden is a Russian spy is maybe a sin, but, as PM Andreotti suggested, it could be true.

Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who disclosed USA top secret files, was finally granted with a political asylum in Russia on Tuesday, August 1th, after a two months long stay in Moscow’s Sheremyetevo airport as a refugee.

Russia’s political asylum guarantees Snowden to live freely in Russia, without any fear for a possible extradition to the U.S., which accused Snowden of endangering US national security.

In fact, Snowden provoked an international political crisis, after he disclosed NSA secreted files about the activity of surveillance made by US on several EU allied countries as Germany and France.


Snowden’s revelations put US President Barack Obama’s Administration under a black lite and led to a diplomatic offensive by France and Germany, that required explanations and attempted to block the signature of the Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and the EU.

The Agreement is the first step for the consolidation of Trans Atlantic Ties, which is the basis for the realization of the Trans Atlantic Union: a project needed both by the U.S. and the EU, in order to help Western civilization to overcome the concurrence of new world powers as China, India and Russia.

These new world powers, together with other anti-Western countries as Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela – that were intentioned to offer Snowden the political asylum- took advantage of the scandal provoked by Snowden’s disclosure of U.S. top secret files.


A legal surveillance over unfaithful allies

The activity of surveillance made on several EU states by the U.S. -which was errantly defined as ‘spying’- was just and useful, in order to control countries that in last years assumed ambiguous positions toward the U.S.

Under Chirac and Sarkozy‘s Administrations, France repetitively opposed US initiatives aimed to ensure worldwide western values as democracy, HR, Liberty and Market economy, as, for example, during 2003 Iraq war and 1999 war in Serbia.

Germany, during Schroeder‘s left wing SPD governments, strengthened ties with Russia, leading Moscow to foster Russian energy, economical and political interests in the EU.

The political scandal provoked by Snowden raised among French and German public opinions an anti-American sentiment, which christian-democrat wing CDU German Chancellor Merkel tried to slow down during past years.

The grant with political asylum to Snowden by Russia demonstrates that Moscow had always a big interest in supporting Snowden’s activity, in order to discredit US geopolitical reputation and undermine worldwide the prestige of western civilization.


France, Germany and the EU to choose between liberal democracy and dictatorship

Snowden affair demonstrates that nowadays the world is still bipolar, despite the fall of communism and Soviet Bloc.

One the one hand, there are dictatorships where political liberties and freedom of speech, press and though are not respected, as Russia, China, Ecuador and Venezuela: some of the countries that always openly supported Snowden activity.

On the other hand, there is the U.S. that, together with few faithful allies as the UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea and some Central Eastern Europe States -Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Rumania- supports worldwide those western values –Democracy, HR, Liberty and Market Economy- which ensured in half of the world peace, progress and freedom after World War Two.

France, Germany and other western EU states must now decide if support liberal democracies as the U.S, or match their geopolitical position with the one of authoritarian regimes as Russia.


Matteo Cazzulani

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