Italian Liberation Day. “Do not forget the contribution the Italian emigrants in the USA gave to restore democracy in Italy” — Lombardi nel Mondo

Italian Liberation Day. “Do not forget the contribution the Italian emigrants in the USA gave to restore democracy in Italy”

President Pasquale Nestico, CGIE Health Commission Chairman and Filitalia International Founder and Immediately past President, remembered the importance of the Italian Liberation Day for the Italian community in the USA and, more in general, for the Italian diaspora worldwide.

President Nestico underlined the contribution the Italian emigrants gave during the Second World War, in order to restore democracy and freedom in Italy. As President Nestico stressed, thousands of Italian emigrants and Americans with Italian origin were engaged in the US army in Italy between 1943 and 1945 to fight against Nazi occupation.

“The contribution the US citizens with Italian origins gave to restore democracy in Italy is an extremely important page of the history of Italy. We must remember, and celebrate, the role the Italian emigrants, together with the Italian resistance, played in the fight against Nazism and fascism” said President Nestico.

Rosetta Miriello, Filitalia International President, added that freedom is an important condition to guarantee the diffusion and the support of the Italian culture worldwide, as Filitalia International has the mission to do.

“The engagement of our organization in the defense of the Italian language and culture in the USA and in Italy is strictly due to the existence of a democratic State in Italy. Freedom allows people not only to have the right of vote, but also to establish strong international and intercontinental relationships in order to improve the knowledge of other world countries’ languages and cultures” said President Miriello.


CGIE (General Council of the Italians Abroad) is a consultative organ of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs composed by 94 members: 65 are elected by the Italian community abroad, 29 are appointed by the Italian Government.
CGIE mission is to represent all the communities of the Italian emigration abroad, and to link the Italian diaspora with the activities of the Italian Diplomacy.
CGIE internal organs are the Board of Administration, 8 Theme’s Committees, 3 Continental Committees, the Work groups and the Plenary Assembly.


Filitalia is a US philanthropic foundation active in the spread of Italian language and culture all over the world. Filitalia International was founded in 1987 by Prof. Pasquale Nestico, a member of the CGIE (General Council of the Italians Abroad).
Based on Philadelphia, PA, Filitalia is composed by 12 Chapters in the USA, 12 Chapters in Italy, other Sections in the EU, and a program of expansion elsewhere.


Matteo Cazzulani

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